Joshua Caplan

📌 New York, USA

📅 17 years old

🖥️ Computer programmer & security enthusiast

Joshua Caplan

About me

I'm a senior in high school in New York. I am a developer and I like to create projects for the benefit of others. My favorite technology at the moment is Python3. My interests right now are in web development, cyber security, and iOS development.

I'm also a photography enthusiast, and I love capturing beauty through the lens of my camera. I own a Sony a6400, and I'm trying to get more prime lenses to expand my horizons of photography. You can view the pictures I've taken over in my gallery!


  • 🖥️ President of the Computer Club 🖥️

    As the president of my school's computer club, I helped to start and organize the computer club to start giving back to our school with technology solutions. We are currently working on creating and organizing a library sign-in sheet and sign-in record for our librarians so they can easily access a history of who signed in and when. We are also working on making our own website, and a dedicated website for our school's CARES movement.

  • Open Source Projects on GitHub

    On my GitHub, I have dozens of open-source repositories to show my portfolio of side projects that I have completed since 2017, and I am continuously adding more projects to my GitHub for the world to see.

  • 🚑 Local EMS Youth Squad Member 🚑

    As a youth squad member for my local EMS, I assist and ride with EMTs and drivers during calls. The youth squad also tries to give back to the community by organizing blood drives.

  • National Honor Society

    At my schools chapter of NHS, we strove to be the school's role model and leaders. We offer after-school tutoring sessions, we help out at community events, and we help at school events.

  • French National Honor Society

    In my school's chapter of the French Honor Society we want to promote language of French in our school. We offer tutoring sessions for students who are struggling, and we organize events in coordination with the other language honor societies.

  • ➗ Math Team ➗

    I am a member of my schools math team. Bimonthly we compete in math tournaments around my region.

  • 😁 Kindness Committee 😁

    In my school's kindness committee, we strive to improve our school's culture and environment. We would run kindness weeks where we would challenge our peers to do a random act of kindness, complement their peers, or give kindness referrals to someone who they thought did something kind. During the winter, we set up a kindness blizzard which were snowflakes hung from the ceiling with kind messages on them. During the coronavirus pandemic, we made a video to share with the entire school giving motivational messages to keep your head high in times of crisis.

  • Software Developer Intern at Madison
    Summer of 2019

    As an intern, I worked with Madison's software development team to test out new innovative products and ideas for the future of their software solution. I created a mobile application for both iOS and Android using both Xamarin and React Native as a proof of concept in order to test out a mobile application for their current web software solution. During my summer at Madison, I used technologies such as C# and JavaScript.

  • ⌨️ Contestant in Google Code-In ⌨️

    Google Code-In, was an annual online world-wide competition hosted by Google to introduce high school students to open source software development. I was a contestant in GCI for 3 events.


  • Web Development
  • I have experience with web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), as well as web frameworks (React). The website you are viewing now was created entirely by me.

  • Programming
  • I am experienced with programming languages such as: Java, C++, Python, Swift, C#, JavaScript.

  • Mobile Development
  • I am currently learning how to make apps on iOS using Swift and SwiftUI. My goal to be able to make apps that help improve people's productivity, as well as make apps that people can gain entertainment out of.

  • Cyber Security
  • I am currently learning how to secure servers and computers from cyber threats. I am learning how to pen-test, as well as networking and system administration so I can help others be more security conscious.