Joshua Caplan

📌 New York, USA

📅 18 years old

🖥️ Aspiring software engineer

Joshua Caplan

About me

I'm a freshman at Cornell University studying Computer Science. I am a developer and I like to create projects for the benefit of others. My favorite technology at the moment is Python3. My interests right now are in data science/machine learning, cyber security, and AI.

I'm also a photography enthusiast, and I love capturing beauty through the lens of my camera. I own a Sony a6400, and I'm trying to get more prime lenses to expand my horizons of photography. You can view the pictures I've taken over in my gallery!


FACEIT API Python Wrapper

Using python3 I made an API wrapper for FACEIT so that it was easier to use it in Python for other projects. In my case, I made the wrapper in order to make a Faceit Discord bot.

FACEIT Discord Bot

Using python3 and the FACEIT API wrapper I made, I created this discord bot to easily access statistics and information about other FACEIT members and FACEIT games. This was beneficial for CS:GO pick up games, so I can easily look up useful information about my opponents.


Using python3 and in collaboration with three other people, we created an anonymous Discord messaging bot. You would be able to send anonymous messages to people in a guild.

Custom Website

Using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, I redesigned a website for a friend using a responsive mobile-first web design.


  • Web Development
  • I have experience with web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), as well as web frameworks (React). The website you are viewing now was created entirely by me.

  • Programming
  • I am experienced with programming languages such as: Java, Python, Swift, C#, and JavaScript.

  • Cyber Security
  • I am currently learning how to secure servers and computers from cyber threats. I am learning how to pen-test, as well as networking and system administration so I can help others be more security conscious.